About Julie 

  • Level B National Dressage Judge
  • ESNZ Development Coach - Dressage and Para Dressage
  • Rider Biomechanics focus
  • Dressage competitor
  • Dressage Event Manager and Volunteer
  • Adult Education Tutor, Moderator and Assessor - Agriculture, Equine and Animal Care
  • Extensive training with Australian Equine Behaviour Centre and Equitation Science International trainers Manuela and Andrew McLean and utilises equine learning theory in dressage training and coaching
  • Training with the Valenca Academy in Portugal (Classical Dressage) and in NZ
  • Trained with and hosted Manuela McLean - Equitation Science International
  • Trained with Mary Wanless (Ride with Your Mind) both in the UK and in NZ
  • Excellent communicator and organiser

Currently competing Advanced Medium and training Prix St George with Gigolo.

Julie coaches riders of all levels including adult amateurs, young riders and introductory to Grand Prix dressage. It does not matter if you are riding bareback, western, dressage or jumping, with or without a bit; how you sit on the horse can have a profound affect on the way of going of the horse. Julie aims to develop riders with body awareness, feel and good timing who in turn are able to develop forward, expressive gaits in their horses with light contact and obedience to light aids. Julie has a special interest in rider biomechanics and particularly enjoys helping riders to recognise and overcome imbalances, fear, asymmetry and the effects of injury or disability.

Learnwell: What can you expect from a lesson with Julie?

Good humour, empathy and clear explanations!

You will be assessed for the effectiveness and stability of your position and aids, and your horse will be assessed for the responsiveness to the aids and balance. Your lesson may focus on improving responsiveness and/or balance for your horse or it may focus on improving your stability and effectiveness. Many lessons will combine both approaches. Whether its working on the basic way of going or performing figures and exercises, the underlying reactivity and balance of the horse will be refined and the position and stability of the rider improved. Julie will work with you to progress your riding goals be they competition or pleasure riding orientated.

Do you have to change your regular coach? Absolutely not! Many riding coaches pay very little attention to rider position (other than the proverbial and totally meaningless "heels down, sit up, sit deep, knees away" comments) - Julie's position and horse training lessons will usually compliment what you are doing with your regular coach and you are very welcome to bring your regular coach along to observe if you like. Julie refers riders and horses to and works with physiotherapists, osteopaths, psychologists, off horse biomechanics trainers and veterinarians where required and some clinics are done in conjunction with these other professionals. Julie also works closely with Hartstone Equestrian, Equitation Science International, and Valenca Academy.