Over the past two years Julie has helped with not only my dressage position and training but also the improvements in the stability and security in my position has helped my jump riding out of sight. I highly recommend Julie Malcolm for lessons in any discipline

Rebecca Kerr 2017 National Amateur Show Hunter Champion

Bec and Dorofino (Poppy)

I'm a 52 year old grandmother of two, and I ride a stroppy 15.1hh part Clyde mare called Gladys. I've ridden since I was a teenager and I used to do a bit of breaking in and hunting and the odd show. Now I have dreams of dressage...

Julie was recommended to me by Jody Hartstone. I arrived for my first lesson with balance and unevenness issues due to a head injury. I also had major fear issues from the head injury and a subsequent fractured spine, broken collar-bone, ribs and nose all dealt to me by my delightful mare! My mare shied a lot - like, every few strides. BIG shies! She also pulled like a train and reared. In my first lesson I was too afraid to let go my white knuckle grip on the reins to put on the headset. Julie started me working on my core strength and stability. She altered my position drastically - I felt like I was learning to ride all over again. Things started to improve. I was not being unseated so often and so I lost some of my fear. As I got more stable, my aids were able to be clearer. My mare started to understand what I was asking. She became more confident and shied less. I wasn't holding onto the reins for balance and she stopped pulling. In recent lessons I have ridden with my eyes shut, and I have even ridden bareback! (My idea). I can let go of the reins to put on the headset LOL! We do Laugh out Loud in Julie's lessons. I look forward to them. While she does challenge me, Julie does not push me past my fitness level...we always make progress. I never feel stupid or like I "can't" do it. If I don't understand, I can ask. If I or my mare don't "get it", Julie will teach it in a different way that we can "get". Now my mare doesn't shy much at all. I used to go everywhere at an anxious walk. Now I trot and canter through the forest wearing the most ridiculous big grin, and my mare thinks she has a new name - she thinks she s called "Good Girl Gladys"!

- Rachel Wise, Hawkes Bay

Rachel and Gladys

I have been training with Julie for 12 months and the improvement she has made in my horse and I are extremely evident. (Well I think so!) As a Grade III Para, normal riding positions and aids are not always possible but Julie, she thinks outside the square and always finds a solution. Often coaches focus only on the horse but Julie works on both rider and horse so that we can each do our jobs more efficiently. And her lessons are always delivered with a clear, cool, calm delivery and fun attitude enhanced with a knowledge toolbox bursting with tweaks, tricks and tips based on the correct training of the horse and effectiveness of the rider. 45mins each time just isn’t long enough! I am extremely fortunate to have Julie as a coach and I look forward to the future.

- Nicola Essex, Grade III Para rider, North Waikato

Nicola and Danny competing at Bay of Plenty Dressage Champs 2015

"Whilst being taught by Julie I have learnt so much and developed as a rider. I never thought dressage could be fun, but Julie always has a smile on her face and a fun thing to say. Her positivity has made me feel like I can improve even the worst aspects of my riding. My riding has come on heaps and bounds since being with Julie, the tools she has given me are invaluable and the way she works with the horse and not against it, is incredible. Anyone that wants to learn how to ride and work with their horse to get the best out of them should definitely go to Julie".

- Savanna Stirling, Young Rider Eventing, Auckland 

Sav and Everado DC Dressage winners, 2015 NZ Pony Club Eventing Champs